Copper is one of the most important materials in the world, it plays an important role in power transmission and generation, wiring in buildings, electronic equipment and new energy, thus brings us a comfortable, convenience and quality life.


Copper has high electric and heat conductivity, it is resistant to corrosion and is stainless, and it is quite malleable.

Copper cathodes are mainly used in the manufacturing of continuous cast copper rods which are further used for the wire, cable and transformer industries. They are also used for the manufacturing of copper tubes for consumer durable goods and other applications in the form of alloys and sheets.


It’s superior electrical conductivity makes it ideal for electronics, is easily recycled, and also used in renewable energy technologies such as solar cells and electric vehicles.

Analysis of Copper Cathodes(Date in ppm)
Element Content
Cu >99.99%
Ag <10
As <2
Bi <1
Cd <2
Co <1
Cr <1
Fe <5
Mn <1
Ni <2
P <1
Pb <5
Sb <2
Se <1
Si <2
Sn <1
Te <1
Zn <2
S <15
O 350