Zinc is one of the most important of base metals, Lead-Zinc both being chalcophile element, geological conditions favour the formation of lead and zinc together. Therefore, both lead and zinc are found to occur together with other metals (copper, gold, silver).


Zinc has many commercial uses as coatings to prevent rust, in dry cell batteries, and mixed with other metals to make alloys like brass, and bronze. It combines with other elements to form zinc compounds. Common zinc compounds found at hazardous waste sites include zinc chloride, zinc oxide, zinc sulfate, and zinc sulfide. Zinc compounds are widely used in industry to make paint, rubber, dyes, wood preservatives and ointments.

Lead-Zinc Mixed ore also called Lead-zinc Concentrate, NCR mainly focus on mixed sulphide lead-zinc ore. They are exploited basically for recovery of respective metal by smelting.

These ore because of its low tenor/content, in run-of-mine ore must be concentrated before smelting and refining to meet the stipulation of smelter, therefore, it is necessary to beneficiate lead-zinc mixed ore to produce smelter grade concentrate.

The flotation route of beneficiation is the most appropriate and widely accepted process for lead-zinc mixed ore.

Analysis of Lead-Zinc Mixed Ore
Element Content Unit
Zn 8.76 %
Pb 23.31 %
Ag 56 ppm
S 8.17 %
Mositure 3.916 %